Child Support

Child Support Amounts Can Vary

In Texas, child support is based on your net monthly income and a percentage is applied based on the number of children in the home. It is possible to receive credit, if you have other children that are not part of the current case, but you must have a legal duty to support those children. Your net monthly income includes all tips, wages, commissions, prizes, self-employment income, rents, bonuses, trust proceeds, annuity payments, and any other money that can be considered income. The child support calculator automatically takes out social security, income tax, and Medicare withholdings. In addition, the calculator will deduct the amount of insurance paid for the children from the monthly net income. The current cap on the net resources considered by the Texas family code and the Texas Attorney General’s office is $9,200.

Modify the Amount You Pay

The Texas Family Code provides that a party is able to modify child support rulings every three years, when there is a change in circumstances if 3 years has not passed. The change must be substantial, such as the loss of employment or promotion. The change can also be made prior to 3 years if the result is going to make the child support amount change by 20% or $100.00 of the amount of current support, whichever is the lesser amount.

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